Allow to introduce myself


My name is Natalia Meyon

I’m a senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

I am someone who helps people to regulate their nervous systems to help manage chronic pain, autoimmune issues, burnout, anxiety, depression and more.  

What I have learned over the past 15 years of practice is that mental-emotional and physical problems are all connected. I specialize in working with the body, but since we are bringing all aspects of ourselves to the work, they affect one another.

My method combines alignment-based yoga, body-mind-centering, somatic experience, and Ayurveda.  I would love to support you on your journey of improved health, resilience, and inner calm, guide you, and support in the process.


When we treat it with love and attention, we become closer to ourselves, stronger and more stable, realize our true desires, change the reality around us and improve our quality of life, even with a difficult diagnosis.

With me, you can get to know your body, understand what you need and how to do it correctly, learn to breathe and meditate, improve your posture, understand your pain and let go of it, and feel the desire to live. My goal is to meet you where you are now and and help you meet yourself.

Yoga therapy helps the soul to more comfortably and harmoniously accommodate the physical body and maintain the body-spirit connection on an ongoing basis. Almost any yoga is therapeutic, but yoga therapy is tailored to a particular person or a group with similar needs.

That is why yoga therapy training is five times longer – at least 1000 hours. I studied at Body-Wisdom accredited Yoga therapy school in Israel,  for three years.

In addition to anatomy, asanas, and the philosophy of yoga, we had lectures on psychology, embryology, and neurobiology. In addition, I did an internship under the guidance of mentors with 20 years of experience.

My total experience in yoga is 15years.

Trauma plays an essential role in my work. All my lessons are trauma sensitive. You may be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, or you may not be aware of trauma (stored survival stress). 

Often trauma occurs in the preverbal period, and you do not remember it, while you have a strong resistance to yoga, meditation, and relaxation. You may be bored or scared. It happens because you got stuck in survival state. I will help you enter the process gently.

My courses and diplomas:
  • Yoga teacher course (200 hours)
  • Body-Wisdom Yoga Therapy International Association of Yoga Therapists (International Association, three years of study)
  • Prenatal and Postnatal yoga course by Revital Dahan
  • Yoga for Back Pain with Rachel Krentzman and Judith Lasater
  • Trainings with world yoga-stars Dona Farhi and Mati Ezrati.
  • Pelvic floor studies with Michal Yarkoni
  • Trainings by Aadil Palkival on yoga therapy for migraines, gastrointestinal diseases, anxiety, and depression (USA, student of B.K.S. Iyengar)
  • Training in the practice of yoga-nidra and Antar-Moon meditation with Swami Yogaranta (India)
  • Yoga Therapy for PTSD by Pati Townsend
  • Studying of Nervous System Regulation with Peter Levin, Irene Lyon, Mat Licata
  • Healing Trauma course with Peter Levin
  • Ayurveda courses by Lital Simon (two years) and Chara Caruthers
  • Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate – Embody Lab

Welcome to my cosy studio in Raanana


Get in touch to schedule an appointment at my clinic or ask me a question. You are heading home. 

Happy to answer your questions


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